Reykjavik DataBeers

Great data stories
Great beers
Great company

DataBeers is a recurring free event in Reykjavik open to anyone.
We want to connect over a couple of beers and tell each other data stories.

Every event starts with 1-2 beers, followed by 3-4 short non-commercial data stories in a PechaKucha style format ( 7 minutes each ), finishing with 1-2 beers. Very casual stuff.

Upcoming events are posted below

DataBeers started in Madrid in 2014 and has since then spread all over the world.

Reykjavik DataBeers is loosely managed by Valþór Druzin Halldórsson, Ágúst Schweitz Eriksson and Pálmar Gíslason.
If you’re interested in helping out – reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter